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We got our start in cannabis in 2004

beginning as growers and dispensary operators and calling the Inland Empire our home. As we continued along our cannabis journey, we noticed the growing popularity of vaping and vape cartridges, and we knew we could create a line of quality vape product's patients could depend on for consistency and potency. Equipped with all the refining machinery we needed, our founding team launched 420 Vapor to offer connoisseur consumers a highly-refined and enjoyable vaping experience. 420 Vapor has expanded, and overcame trial and error, and  we are proud to offer quality, innovative vaping products for our patients & consumers, using the most advanced refinement technology we have created a line of products patients & consumers reach for again and again.






We hold ourselves to the highest standards, 420 Vapor submits all of their cannabis materials to SC labs for cutting edge advanced testing, we test for potency and contaminants such as mold, pesticides, and residual solvents to ensure safety.


Our products can be found across the Inland Empire, San Diego and Los Angeles counties in California, Our Premium cannabis products have been endorsed by top celebrities and legendary rap groups and we are expanding to dispensaries at a rapid pace, patients tell you local dispensary to stock 420 Vapor.

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